Midwest Guns R U.S. who is the boy inside the man holding the gun

Article published today by The Good Men Project.


The good men project focuses on issues relevant to men and boys, helping them to be more aware of both their power for bad and good. It’s also a support site with advice for men, offering encouragement to boys and tips for everyone on the power of mentoring and mutual support. Check it out at The Good Men Project either on Facebook or on their Website.

My article might be called brief Social commentary on guns and the American fascination with them. Brief article includes reflections on hunting, guilt and fascination with guns, the mesmerizing power of a trigger, and the gun’s mystical draw, its polarizing reality. Link below and thanks for reading and passing along.

My son with the .16 guage Mossberg bold-action shotgun, the subject of this article.

guns r us 001


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Gregory A. Ormson

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